All over again

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Melt down

Now of course you have experienced a time in your life where your feeling good about everything. You know a time where you have everything under control, every things in it's proper order. But then you suddenly realize that one of the things you thought was going to be due in a week was actually due in a couple of days. So of course you start hurrying to get everything done and get it perfect. But then it hits you that your running out of time and that you have a good chance of not getting it done in time. Well that's how I'm starting to feel right now. I recently just realized that an English project that is due on Wednesday is coming up faster then i expected so now I'm freaking out about wither I'll get done or not. Wondering if i will actually make it on time. Luckily the more i think about it though the more i can see that it's actually not such a big problem after all and that it will all work it self out. Whew that's a big weight off my shoulders. Crisis averted....... For now!!!

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